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As Much As I Love You

Richard Hamersma and Chris Farrell

Genre: Folk/Acoustic

This song was prompted by the sight of the writer’s young children playing joyfully as his own grown up life was going through some unexpected complications.

Little one I wonder
What it all looks like to you
Tell me how this old world looks
When everything is new
What do you believe in
When you close your eyes and pray
What was shining in your heart
When I heard you say

I wanna play with the unicorn
I wanna ride a rainbow
I wanna fly above the clouds
Where the sky is always blue
And at night when I go to bed
Please whisper to this sleepyhead
That you love me as much as I love you

It seems the more we grow
The more we lose along the way
Could it be that I’ve forgotten
How to dream and play
So little one come show me
What the world was like back then
Let me hear the children laugh
And tell me once again


So take me back to places
That I knew so long ago
Teach me how to see the things
That all the children know
And when I close my eyes
I’ll pray for wishes to come true
I’ll thank the Lord for all the things
That I have learned from you


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