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In addition to writing lyrics and some poetry, Richard has also penned a thought-provoking science fiction novel set in the near future entitled, Sperm Germ. Originally published in soft cover in 1978, the story is even more relevant today and is now being considered as the basis of a film or theatrical script. Sperm Germ is currently available as a Kindle book on Amazon.com.

Sperm Germ book coverHere’s a brief synopsis of the story.

Joseph and Mary Lou were waiting to have a child until they were better prepared financially, among other personal reasons. Now their decision, or anyone else’s decision, to have a child just became more complicated by a government edict. The government has passed a law requiring a mandatory vasectomy of all males at the age of eighteen. Married males of any age are required to have an immediate mandatory vasectomy. The government states that this policy is necessary due to increasing population growth, significant economic problems, high unemployment, and problems with adequate food distribution since many people were unable to provide for their families. The edict has one requirement that would give any couple pause. All sperm will be deposited in a tightly controlled universal sperm bank. Records will be kept on the depositor assuring that they had complied with the law. And most frightening of all, the sperm will be unlabeled.

The government has reasoned that any couple wishing to conceive would have to grapple with the fact that any child born would only be half theirs genetically. The sperm could be from anybody and could represent any ethnic, cultural, or any other physical traits. In addition, the sperm could carry genetic defects, diseases, or other contaminants. Couples are forced to examine their beliefs and prejudices to make a commitment to humankind. Joseph and Mary Lou face the dilemma and decide to have a child. Their struggle involves dealing with their belief system, their own worth, and the worth of others.

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