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Beautiful Fools

Richard Hamersma

Genre: Love Song/Adult Contemporary

The romantic’s classic dilemma when meeting an attractive stranger—do you risk making a foolish choice for the chance of finding a happy ending? Or do you play it ‘safe’ and give up the possibility of claiming a treasure?

I didn't think I had much to lose
But I wasn't sure about you
I decided to take a risk
Without really thinking things through
I approached you as if a friend
Didn't care if I broke the rules
There was something about you I wanted
I was willing to be a beautiful fool

Two thousand miles from home
No one knows my name or face
You showed up with stories
Deep inside your secret place
Was surprised how warm you were
So willing to bend any rules
So willing to share from the heart
So willing to be a beautiful fool

Beautiful fools for the moment
Fools for the day
Beautiful fools for a lifetime
Guess it's too early to say

There must have been something we shared
Could have been we're just kindred souls
We were both searching for something
Maybe we both just struck gold
Sometimes there's no need for questions
No concern about breaking rules
We could be right or wrong
Or both just beautiful fools


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