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Eye Candy Blues

Richard Hamersma

Genre: Blues

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but when meanness is too deep to ignore, even the most perfect features lose their allure.  No wonder the singer is singing the blues on his way out the door!

You were always good looking baby
But you’ve turned sour in the mouth
Instead of heading off to paradise
We’ve gotten pretty far South
I’d still be willing to hang on
But only for a good night or two
Cause the way you’ve changed lately
It’s too hard to be around you
I know when people see me with you
And say there’s one lucky man
But if they could hear you talk
No doubt they’d understand
It sure ain’t the cover
But what’s inside the book
And the way you’re acting lately
I don’t care how good you look

You tell me you’ve got your reasons
For saying the things that you do
But you’re giving me plenty of reasons
For having these eye candy blues

Everything looked so perfect
Your beauty pulled me in
I was hoping you had a heart of gold
Seems like yours is made of tin
You’re always starting something
Getting nasty and then so mean
Always wanting it your way
Leaving no room for inbetween


Eye candy blues (eye candy eye candy blues)
Eye candy blues (eye candy eye candy blues)
I’ve got the eye candy blues
Eye candy eye candy blues
I little eye candy blues
Eye candy eye candy blues
Well it’s so hard to deal with
These eye candy blues

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