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Mother Earth Is Crying Out

Richard Hamersma

Genre: Crisis Songs


Mother Earth is getting warmer
We can no longer deny
The glaciers are receding
And we're the reason why
Climate change accelerating
Faster than before
We better wake up
Before Mother Earth can't heal herself anymore

Mother Earth is crying out
How can we not see that
Mother Earth is crying out
Why aren't we listening
It's time to pay attention
Before she disappears
Mother Earth is crying out

Fires and floods out of control
Tornadoes touching down
Pollution choking life
In both the sea and on the ground
Greenhouse gases fill the air
methane, and even more
We better learn what we can do
Before we're all dinosaurs


We're all in this together
There's just one world to share
So let's all do whatever we can
To show her that we care



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