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My Angel in Vain

Richard Hamersma

Genre: Retro/R&B/Adult Contemporary

There are many different kinds of love but all should always bring an element of warmth and joy to your heart.

Your warm eyes somehow found me
When I wasn’t looking to be found
Cause I needed time to sort things out
And to get my feet back on the ground

A love I had just faded
Leaving me drifted out to sea
Wish I could share those feelings
You give so easily so free

Well you can try to touch me
And you can try to love me
Be my sunshine through the rain
So one day I’ll start seeing
That you can stop just being
My angel in vain

When you reached out and touched me
It was so natural for you to do
But how long can you give and give
If I give nothing back to you
I can’t tell if you’re different
From all those others in the past
Do you have some kind of magic
That you’ll convince me will last


If love’s the greatest healer
And if it’s me you wanna save
Angel can you stay until I’m able
To give back all you gave



One day I’ll be seeing
That you have stopped being
My angel in vain

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