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Wayfaring Pilgrim

Richard Hamersma

Lyric only


A pilgrim now searching for God, truth, or compassion
Would be looking into a chasm or abyss
Seeing how humans treat each other
Even the ghosts  in the underworld have seen nothing like this

But I had a vision of both Jesus and Buddha
Locked-up tight in an embrace saying
There's no nirvana without samsara
And there's no salvation without grace

And it seems like Heraclitus was probably right
When he said only conflict and change were real
But the changes I'm seeing as a wayfaring pilgrim
Are concealing more than they reveal

I find I'm in a state of confusion
Where truth and compassion are hard to find
A pilgrim's way is never easy
And it's feeling like time out of mind

And I sense  I'm stranded on a train platform
Watching the last lonely train leave at night
Maybe having some pockets of good people
Wonder where they'll be with the morning light

Well the light appears to be fading
And I'm thinking I'm down to my last meal
Is it my hand or yours this time
For that last spin of the wheel

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