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With You My Love's No Gamble

Richard Hamersma

Genre: Country/Country Pop

A family favorite—Richard and his daughter both love this fun, cheerful country song that’s meant to entertain and lift the spirits.

With you my love’s no gamble
It just goes on and on
With you my love’s a sure thing
It always feels strong
Now I might gamble
To win fortune and fame
But to gamble with your love
I’d have to be insane

Now I can’t say that I ain’t
Never been tempted
And I can’t say
I ain’t had the chance

But no back door lover ever
Got me ‘neath her covers
I just don’t let them start
Cause with you I’m a winner
And you’re my queen of hearts


Now I can’t say that my eyes
Never wander
And I can’t say
You’re always on my mind

But I never give in to
That wandering urge
I just don’t play that game
Cause you keep me special
Your one man hall of fame


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